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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Why Cocaine Destroys Families and Friendships and Relationships

Cocaine destroys families, friendships and relationships for several reasons. The first is the drug has a host of negative effects on those who take them. These are physical and mental impacts that are easily noticed and lead to people losing trust in the person using cocaine. Apart from this an addiction to this substance is extremely expensive. It is that expensive that it is virtually impossible to be able to afford to keep this addiction going. Most people run out of money fast and do things that are out of character. Sensible people who become addicted to cocaine will do things that are totally out of character and really stupid. 

As a family member and friend you have a responsibility to help someone who may be struggling with addiction. The reason is that person may not be able to help them selves in many situations. You may be the only person who can help that person beat an addiction and come clean. This period is hard and often requires a lot of money and a rehabilitation facility. However this can be done and the person can come out clean and healthy. 

Once again I need to emphasize that the best thing to do is be supportive and help your friend or family member get professional help. Once this is achieved then they have the best chance to make a full recovery. It hurts seeing someone you love struggling with addiction, however we must understand most families have someone who has struggled with addiction at some point in their lives. 

So in summary stay positive if you have an addiction or be supportive if your friend or family member has an addiction. You can achieve anything you set your mind to and the best thing to do is to stay positive and beat the addiction. I wish you the best of health and luck going into the new year. I hope this post has helped you. The more research you do the better, however at the end of the day seeking professional medical help is the best thing to do. 

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